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My Inspired + Gratitude List

As I get ready to prep and cook for the Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, I know the day will be filled with activity, conversation, and, dare I say, a Buffalo Bills football game in the morning! I will peel all the vegetables on the couch and cheer my team on. A great way to kick off the day.

Bills + peeling potatoes, parsnips, and carrots

So today, I spent the better part of my magic morning writing the big things I am grateful for in my journal. I thought I'd share it on my blog as you are also a part of this list!

Everyday Beauty

Soaking up the colors from my dahlia patch to the glorious sunsets makes me realize how much abundance we live in daily. That's why I have 35,000 photos on my phone. I kid you not. Hard not to want to capture it all. Thank you, Mother Nature!


I was so blessed to travel to 2 of my favorite places on earth this year. Italy and Hawaii. My inspiration cup was overflowing. Bella Flora was created from all the Italian beauty, along with tons of artwork in gorgeous colors from our Maui trip. I also realized just how important it is for me to travel and become inspired and creative by other cultures and surroundings. I filled my art journals with sketches each day and will create a travel journal course next year!

I also signed up immediately for the Cottage Table Experience, Tuscany, in 2023, which sold out in 10 minutes. And I also will be teaching at my art retreat in the South of France in 2024. Sign up for the waitlist here. Say what?? If I can become more inspired and creative because of traveling and then share all that beauty - then who am I not to do it?

Boys to Men

Watching my boys turn into men has been incredible. Bittersweet, of course, as I know the time is ticking, and soon they will be off on their way. I hug them as much as they let me and tell them I love them as much as I can.


Yeasss to Sisters! Thankful for my sibling sisters and all the other incredible women in my life. The laughter, the tears, the conversations, the unspoken words, the camaraderie, the hugs, the connection, and the community among these strong, beautiful souls in my life.


Nothing is as important as our good health. Nothing. As I get older, I realize this even more with the extra aches + pains! I walk as much as possible and enjoy the Peleton bike I bought during the Pandemic (and pleased to say it is not a towel rack, I do use it!). I am so thankful for my healthy body.


In every morning journal entry, I write how grateful I am for my readers, followers, and customers of this INCREDIBLE art journey that I am on. Without your support, I would be back working for corporate America. Not enjoying all that everyday beauty and the extra time I've had watching those boys turn to men. Not being able to share my passion and joy of Creativity. THANK YOU. I cannot express that enough; I am blessed to have you beside me.

Magic Mornings

I have incorporated a morning routine into my day for the past five years, and it has been hands down the BEST thing I've done for my personal growth and business. I am thankful for this peaceful time. It's not complicated, but a wonderful habit now. I wake up at 5:40 am, meditate for 10-15 minutes, make tea, watch the sunrise, write in my journal, and read. Then I am usually ready to start the day by 7:30. I always sit in my favorite spot on the kitchen bench with the best view. I love to stare out the window and watch the sunrise over Monterey bay, wait for the birds to start waking, and just enjoy this quiet time that I am so thankful for. The number of creative downloads I get from this practice is incredible, I always have a little book ready to jot down all the ideas.

I am full of inspiration and gratitude this Thanksgiving!

Happy day to you - sending lots of love and light xo

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