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Finding Inspiration

Throughout the summer I have been creating abstract art on paper, but most of the time I didn’t feel like it was 100% me. I was struggling to “feel” it, that the art I was making was authentic and original. A little voice in my head said to keep going, keep practicing. I was often stumped on what how to do it. Until…

I was doing a demo in my FB group on art supplies and the next day I looked down at the paper I was working with and I LOVED what I saw! The colors were me, the lines and marks were loose and easy. Nothing forced. I felt the tingles and then I knew I was onto something!

So from there I created a mood board with colors, scraps and some collage pieces I made and been saving for something. I start to add things together that felt the same way this demo paper did. And then I started to layer and have fun.

Early layers, watercolor paper on foam core!

Now I am in the beginning of a series I am naming - “The California Series”. All the colors and marks remind me of this beautiful state! Layers of acrylic inks, paints, neo color IIs, stencils and pencils.

I will be selling these sweet little beauties once I have finished the collection, be the first in the know by signing up for my newsletter. (plus free download print with your email sign up!) Link on bottom of my website.

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