To able share my passion and joy through bright and colorful paintings has always been a dream of mine. I was over the moon when Jeanne Oliver asked me if I wanted to create a class for her online creative community. I immediately said yes! Yes! YES! To be able to teach to people all over the world is incredible. It's a self paced course that is full or color, inspiration and colorful mark making. Perfect for all levels!

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Techniques Taught in this Course

Using words + affirmations in your art
Painting + dripping with acrylic inks
Sketching + line drawing
Mark making + brush techniques
Playing with color combinations
Study in floral drawing + painting
Intuitive painting + layering
Stenciling + dry brushing
Visual composition

During this class I will walk you through a step by step lesson plan on creating a painting from start to finish. We will explore lots of fun techniques and beautiful color palettes as we build up our rich layers. These layers will then become the foundation for a gorgeous floral piece that we will create together. This class is self-paced with lifetime access.