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CREATIVE SESSIONS: Live paint + play art zoom lessons

I’m so excited to announce these new Creative Sessions! My intention with these virtual classes is to have fun, play, and create art together. There will be a project for us to work on as well as time for Q + A and the opportunity to connect with each other. Each session will last around 2.5 hours - only $20! With new internet in my art studio, zoom technology, and an awesome moderator to help with tech support and monitor the classroom for me, there will be no stopping our creative fun!

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Creative Session "Painted Frame"

Links to Art Supplies

Wooden 8x10 Frame, Acrylic paints + Posca Paint Pens (pastel)

Posca Paint Pens (regular)

Note on art supplies: I will using Nova acrylic paints in a few colors (white, orange, pink, violet, green-blue, and red) but any brand you have will be fine (link above is to a great 12 piece set). I will also use a variety of paint pens in a few different sizes - Posca Paint pens are my favorite but any brand is great - just make sure they are water-based. It's great to have a handful ready to make all the beautiful details. 

Painted Zoom Frame Final_Andrea Garvey.j
Painted Frame Zoom Wooden_Andrea Garvey.

Once you purchase you will receive a download PDF. There you will find a link into the zoom classroom,

so please keep it handy. I will also send the same link again through an email the day before class. 
Please check your junk/spam folder!

A replay email will be sent out 24-48 hours after class with a link to the recording to watch when you want!

Trying to figure out if the time works for you? I'm in Pacific Time. Here is a link to a time zone chart!

Please email me at with any questions about Creative Sessions!

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Creative Session "Tiptoe Through the Tulips"

This session is all about mark-making and layering with watercolors! I will be taking you step by step

through my process so at the end of the class you will come away with a completed art piece. 2.5 hours 

Zoom June 19_Supplies_Andrea Garvey.jpg

Art Supplies I will be using:

140lb watercolor cold press paper, watercolors + variety of sized brushes

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Creative Session "Abstract Playtime"

This session is ALL about mark-making and layering in all your favorite supplies. I will be taking you step by step

through this mixed media process so at the end of the class you will come away with a completed art piece. 3 hours plus

May 23 Andrea Garvey_Art Supplies.jpg

Art supplies I'm using:

Watercolor hotpress 140lb paper

acrylic inks (2 colors)

acrylic paint (2-3 colors)

water-soluble wax crayons

variety of paint pens

colored pencils

variety of brushes + skewer

heat dryer

Links to supplies if you want to purchase online

Link to make your own fluid paint /acrylic inks (bottom of supplies page)

If you feel like shopping from any of the links I just want you to know that as an affiliate I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases, so I can buy more art supplies and continue to create art videos and tutorials!

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